Favourite medicine/clinical science textbooks

I wanted to write about something different today. Aside from the different physiological topics that I post about, it’s invaluable to have a good textbook by your side. In terms of price, you can get very good deals in your university book shop, so keep your eyes peeled. My main site is amazon of course, as there are so many sellers and you can even get new books cheaper than used ones!

So, let’s get to the list.

Principles of Anatomy & Physiology by Gerard J. Tortora and Bryan Derrickson. 13th edition

With 2 editions and an anatomy atlas, this book has been my primary source of information and reference for the first year of medical science. Not only does it cover topics from cell organisation to reproductive systems, but it is very concise with helpful summarising tables.

The first volume is all about organisation, support, movement and control systems in the human body, so it includes anatomy and physiology of the skeletal and muscular systems, but also nervous and endocrine systems. The second volume goes through the major body systems such as cardiovascular and urinary systems. There are interesting ‘Clinical Connection’ points in the middle of topics as well as self-quiz questions. Overall, a very good textbook, without doubt I would recommend it to anyone starting medicine, biomedical science or related subjects.

Gray’s Anatomy for Students by Richard L. Drake, A. Wayne Vogl and Adam W. M. Mitchell. 3rd edition

I have won this book as well as anatomy flash cards during a competition. I must say I haven’t used it as much as the previous one, however it is very helpful for thorough anatomy. The illustrations are clear and helpful, but they are also supported by real-life CT images as well as real body images.

Clinical cases and the ‘In the Clinic’ sections are very helpful, as you are able to learn not only the anatomy but the pathophysiology as well. I do not use it very often for my course, but I can see it being very useful for students studying medicine.

Essential Cell Biology by Alberts et al. 4th edition

As part of my course, I have modules on biochemistry and genetics as well as cell biology and microbiology. This book is very helpful on the biochemistry and cell biology. If you are not planning to specialise in genetics, you can get away with using just this book, as it covers a lot of essential topics in a few chapters.

All of the information is very well integrated and there are ‘panel’ sections at the end of most chapters. If you are not going to specialise in the biosciences, this book is sufficient. However, if you are, then perhaps the Molecular Biology of the Cell also by Alberts might be a better fit. For microbiology I use any recent(-ish) textbooks by Brock.

Oxford handbook of Medical Sciences

Helpful reference point with clear and concise information. There are 15 chapters covering everything from cellular structure and function to techniques of medical sciences. I would recommend to anyone.

If you are studying at a university, you may already have a subscription to different textbooks online, so before buying please check them out!

Hopefully, this has been helpful.

Till next time!

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